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Bottles & Jars

A Brief History of Bottle Collecting

Apothecary Jars

Collectible Chinese Snuff Bottles

Collectible Mason Canning Jars

Collecting Glass Insulators

Collecting Vintage Ink Bottles

Collecting Vintage Poison Bottles


A Short History of the Valentine’s Day Card

Autograph Collecting as a Hobby

Collectible Road Maps - Petroliana

Defining Ephemera

Deltiology - Postcard Collecting

Rare Music Manuscript Found at Flea

The First Christmas Greeting Card

Victorian Stork Postcards - Deltiology

Jewelry & Watches

A Short History of Regina Music Box

American Waltham Watch Company

Antique & Vintage Lockets

Antique Mourning Jewelry

Antique Pocket Watches

Collecting Antique Vintage Compacts

Evaluating Costume Jewelry

JET Jewelry Information

New Book - Memoirs of a Fashion Jewelry Manufacturer

New Book - Vintage Wristwatches by Reyne Haines

Rhinestone Jewelry

Sarah Coventry Jewelry Markings

Victorian Era Cameos

A Short History of Cufflinks

Authentic or Commemorative Presidential Cufflinks

Bold & Beautiful Art Deco Jewelry

Jakob Bengel Art Deco Jewelry Designer

Brewerania & Tobacciana

The Always Collectible Zippo Lighter

Beer Can Collecting - Brewerania

Collectible German Beer Steins

Collectible Jim Beam Decanters

Collecting Vintage Beer - Brewerania

Meerschaum Pipes - Tobacciana

Vintage Cigarette Lighter Collection


Toys, Dolls & Teddy Bears

A Brief History of Lionel Trains

Barbie Doll Turns 50

Dating & Pricing a Fisher Price Toy

Elvis Presley’s Vintage Toy Collection

Etch a Sketch Vintage Toys

Lenci Dolls inspired by Madame Alexander

Lillian B Gottschalk, Antique Toy Collector

Madame Alexander Dolls 

Ten Interesting Things about Barbie Dolls

Toy Collector Website


Vintage Collectible Cast Iron Toys

Vintage Fisher Price Toys

Vintage Toy Marble Museum

Steiff Toy Teddy Bear Ruined

Vintage Toys & Toy Collecting

Tchotchkes, & Knick Knacks

Tchotchkes, Knick Knacks, Gimrack and Whatnots

Antique & Vintage Paperweights

Collecting Unicorns

Collecting Vintage Teapots

Genuine BS Paperweights

Goebel to Stop Hummel Figurine Production

Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel - Figurines

Glass & Art Glass

A Brief History of Murano Glass

A Brief History of Victorian Celery Glass

Anchor Hocking Glass Anniversary

Blenko Festival of Glass August 2009

Blenko Glass Resumes Limited Production

Brief History Heisey Glass

Collectible Moonstone Glass

Collecting Venini Art Glass

Empress Pattern Glass

Fenton Art Glass

Inexpensive Depression Glass

Kokomo Opalescent Glass

Lavish & Extravagant Moser Glass

Moon & Stars Glass

New Book - Pure Sea Glass

Overshot Glass or Crackle Glass?

Ten Interesting Things about L.E. Smith

Three Faces Pattern Glass - Duncan Miller

What is Opalescent Glass?

Goofus Glass

Short History of Pilgrim Glass

Is It Blenko Glass?

Elegant Glass - Cambridge

Designer Dorothy Thorpe

General Information

American Pickers - Reality TV on the History Channel

American Society of Appraisers

Antiques Dealer Convicted of Murder Antique 2006

Antiques Vintage Collectibles Insurance

CDC Warning of Mercury in Antiques

Don’t Scrub the Value off Antiques

FirstStreet Retro Products

Highest Price Paid for a Rare Coin

How Can You Tell If It’s Bakelite?

How much is That Antique Vintage Collectible Worth?

How to Avoid Antiques Vintage Collectibles Scams

Identifying First Edition Books

Identifying Marks & Symbols

Original or Reproduction?

p4A Antiques Reference Database

Pawn Stars - Reality TV on the History Channel

Selling Your Gold Down Economy

Shopping for the Holidays at Antique Malls

TIAS Top 30 Searches for 2005

Top Ten Hot List for July 2006

Top Ten Reasons for Shopping at Antiques Malls

What is Collectible and Collectibles in the Future?

What’s Hot List for September 2005

What is an Estate Sale?

If It's Old, It Must Be Valuable

What is an Heirloom?

More Antiques & Collectibles Shows on TV

Storage Unit Auction Treasures or Trash

Selling Scrap Gold & Silver Metal

Weak Economy Makes Antiques A Buyer's Makret

Decorators & Designers Love Antique Fireplace Screens

Influence of Mad Men TV Show on Antiques & Collectibles

The Origin of Christmas Tree Lights

This Holiday Seaon Buy Vintage & Recycle

Stolen Art & Antiques

Antique Atlas & Bible Thefts

Antique Weather Vane Thefts

Dumb Antique Thieves in Florida

Dumb Antiques Crook Leaves a Note

Dumb Thieves Steal Art

Faked & Stolen Pablo Picasso Paintings

FBI Seeks Owners of a Stolen Art Cache

Heavy Artwork Stolen in England

Police Art Show of Stolen Art

Stolen Antique Gates Returned

Stolen Antiques & Collectibles

Stolen Antiques in Mechanicsville Virginia

Stolen Artwork turns up on EBay

Stolen Bulgarian & Iranian Artifacts

Stolen Edgar Degas Art Sculpture

Stolen Paintings Recovered

Stradivarius Violin and Moore Art Sculpture Stolen

Theft of Antique Violin and Louis XV Clock

Thefts of Antique Weather Vanes

Thefts of Rare Maps

Porcelain & Pottery

A Brief History of Ironstone China

A Brief History of Meissen Porzellan

A Brief History Rookwood Pottery

A Short History of Capodimonte Porcelain

A Short History of Moravian Pottery

A Short History of the Monmouth Pottery

Blue Onion by Meissen

Clarice Cliff Art Deco Pottery

Collectible Royal Delftware Pottery

George E. Ohr Pottery

Hall China Company

Lady Head Vases Antiques

Lefton China Information

Miklos Zsolnay Ceramics

Moorcroft Pottery Information

NAPCO – Porcelain & Pottery

R. Guy Cowan Art Deco Art Pottery

Royal Doulton Toby Jugs

Satsuma - Japanese Pottery

Spode & Ironstone China

The Value of Antique Pottery

Unikat Polish Pottery

Vintage McCoy Cookie Jars

Vintage Melmac Dinnerware

Antique Redware Pottery – A Brief History

Collecting Cameoware Pottery

Short History of Harker Pottery


Unusual Collection  of Antique Truck & Nails

Unusual Collections – Antique & Vintage Handcuffs

Unusual Collections - Antique Washing Machines

Unusual Collections - Texas Prison Museum

Unusual Collections - World’s Largest Dice Collection

Unusual EBay Auctions -  Bridgeville California

Unusual EBay Auctions - Baby

Unusual EBay Auctions - Cornflake

Unusual EBay Auctions - NFC Championship Hot Dog


Alberto Giacometti Sculpture Sets Record Auction Price

Alfred Stieglitz Photos Set Record Auction Price

Allen Jones Painting Sets Record Auction Price

Antique Weathervane Sets Record Auction Price

Arthur Lismer Painting Sets Record Auction Price

Auction House Premiums Increase

Beatrix Potter Watercolor Sets Record Auction Price

C. M. Russell Museum Charity Auction

Charles Willson Peale Painting Sets Record Auction Price

Chinese Porcelain Platter Sets Record Auction Price

Claude Monet Sets Record Auction Price

David Smith Sculpture Sets Record Auction Price

David Wood Clock Sets Record Auction Price

De Beers Blue Diamond Set Record Auction Prices

EBay Boycott 2008

EBay Buys Skype

EBay DSR Ratings Unfair to Sellers

Edward Hicks Painting Sets Record Auction Price

French Perfume Bottle Sets Record Auction Price

Gold Coin Sets Record Auction Price

Inverted Jenny Stamp Sets Record Auction Price

Kazimir Malevich Painting Sets Record Auction Price

Louise Nevelson Sculpture Sets Record Price

Lucien Freud & Damien Hirst Set Record Auction Prices

Lucien Freud Sets Record Auction Price

Marcel Mouly Painting Sets Record Auction Price

Mark Rothko & Andrew Wyeth Paintings Set Record Auction Prices

Matisse Painting Degas Artwork Set Record Auction Prices

Midnight Red Barbie Doll Sets Record Auction Price

Monet & Giacometti Set Record Art Auction Prices

Oliver Stone Art Up for Auction

Online Auction Alternatives to Ebay

Online Auction Listing Photographs

Online Auction Scam in Naples Florida

Online Auction Scams

Qing Dynasty Clock Sets Record Auction Price

Rare Bramble Golf Ball Sets Record Price

Rare Quarter Eagle Coin Sets Record Auction Price

Other Collectibles

A Brief History of Antique Cash Registers

A Short History of the Singer Sewing Machine

Ansonia Clock Company

Collecting Early American Flags

Collecting Pickelhaube

Letty and John’s Vintage Collection

Petroliana Collectors

Premiums from the Larkin Soap Company

Pyrobilia - Fireworks Label Collectors

Time Tales - Vintage Photos

Vintage & Collectible Hood Ornaments

Vintage Aladdin Lamps in Demand

Vintage Halloween Collectibles

Vintage Hurricane Lamps

Vintage Movie Posters Collectors

Vintage Picture Frames are Hot Sellers

Vintage Replogle Globes

Vintage Space Cadet Lunchbox

Interesting Facts about Griswold Cast Iron

Cast Iron Doorstops

Collecting Vintage Straight Razors

Short History of Emerson Radio

Vintage Radios Appeal to the New Collecctor

What are Telephone Dialers?

Vintage Phone Dialers

Collectible Christmas Tree Ornaments


2010 Political Memorabilia Convention in Buffalo, NY

Abraham Lincoln Memorabilia Exhibit

Abraham Lincoln Presidential Memorabilia

Antique Roosevelt Gun Returned

Apollo 11 Space Collectibles

Barack Obama & John McCain Political Memorabilia

Definition of Memorabilia & Collectibles

Lance Armstrong Memorabilia

Lincoln Exhibit at the National Archives

Lost in Space Robot for Sale

Marilynn Monroe Memorabilia

New Book - Manion’s World War II Memorabilia Price Guide

New Book – Warman’s Political Collectibles

OJ Simpson Memorabilia

Rolling Stones Memorabilia

Ruby Slippers Stolen

Super Bowl Sports Collectibles

The Beatles Memorabilia

The Library of Congress Baseball Card Collection

Warning about Michael Jackson Memorabilia

Whose Memorabilia Will Reach Highest Price

Tips About Collecting Memorabilia

Kitchen Collectibles

Butter Molds for the Collector

Egg Cup Collectors

New Book - Hot Kitchen & Home Collectibles

Retro Picnic Baskets are Hot Too!

Vintage Aprons – Kitchen Collectibles

Collecting Vintage Lunchboxes

Art & Artists

American Western Artist Charles M. Russell

Ansel Adams Photographs Found Flea Market

Architect & Designer Charles Eames

Artist Maxwell Parrish – Photo Realistic Paintings

Brigido Lara Master Forger of Pre-Columbian Artifacts


Currier & Ives Vintage Lithographs

Michael Ricker Pewter Collectors

Mid Century Modern Designer Russel Wright

Netsuke Japanese Art Sculptures

Norman Rockwell Paintings, Illustrations & Lithographs

Photographer, Artist, Designer Wallace Nutting

Robert Atkinson Fox the Most Reproduced Artist

Santos Puerto Rican Art Folk Art

Flea Markets & Antique Shows

Atlantique City Antiques

Atlantique City Antiques Show

Boy Scout Flea Market

Castle Halloween Museum

Fredericksburg Big Flea Market Opens

Geppi’s Entertainment Museum

Grand Opening Bella Villa 2007

Guitars for Hope Art Project Buffalo NY

Heart of Europe Tours

Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market New York City

Herschell Carousel Museum

Hillsville Flea Market

Longest Yard Sale

Longest Yard Sale Antiques

Lucketts Fair 2008

Madison Bouckville Antiques Show Robbery

Marche aux Puces Porte de Clignancourt

Purcellville Virginia Town Wide Tag Sale

Quartzite Arizona - Gem Mineral Collectors Capital

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Moves New York City

Rose Bowl Flea Market

Seaside Flea Market at the Rock

Smiley’s Flea Market

The National Money Show

Virginia Beach Antiques Show 2008

World’s Ten Best Flea Markets for 2006


Centreville Virginia Estate Sale 2005

Estate Sale Find - Northwood Glass Bowl

Estate Sale Find - Victorian Era Stone Lithograph

Estate Sale Finds - West Virginia Glass

Estate Sales Find - Vintage Kanawha Glass Basket

Thrift Store Find - Kayak II Lithograph

Thrift Store Finds – Books & Ephemera

Thrift Stores Thriving in Bad Economy

Recent Auction of a Congo the Chimpanzee Painting

Recent Auction of a French bébé Doll

Recent Auction of a James Abbot McNeil Whistler Painting

Recent Auction of a Sally Tuffin Vase

Recent Auction of a Smashed Napoleon Vase

Recent Auction of a Sperm Whales Tooth

Recent Auction of a Theodore Millet Maison Bureau

Recent Auction of a Tiffany Lamp

Recent Auction of a Victorian Era Bed

Recent Auction of Alexander Calder Sculpture

Recent Auction of Ambassador Hotel Memorabilia

Recent Auction of American Brilliant Cut Glass

Recent Auction of an Antique Rifle and a Rare Spiderman Comic Book

Recent Auction of Bob Hope Memorabilia

Recent Auction of Civil War Currency

Recent Auction of Daguerreotype New York Photo

Recent Auction of Damien Hirst Artwork

Recent Auction of Dr Pepper Formula & Baseball Memorabilia

Recent Auction of Jeane Dixon Crystal Ball

Recent Auction of John Lennon Memorabilia

Recent Auction of Michael Phelps Trading Card

Recent Auction of Napoleon’s Sabre

Recent Auction of Queen Mother Memorabilia

Recent Auction of Titanic Memorabilia

Recent Auction of Vintage Ad Illustrations - Martignette Estate

Recent Auctions of a Qing Dynasty Vase & Tiffany Silver

Relic God Janus Gold Cup Sets Record Auction Price

Rembrandt & Picasso Paintings Set Record Auction Prices

Second Chance Offers Scams on EBay

Stradivarius Violin & Baroda Pearls Set Record Auction Prices

Superman Batman Sets Record Auction Price

Superman Comic Book Sets Record Auction Price

T206 Honus Wagner Baseball Card Sets Record Auction Price

Upcoming Auction of an Islamic Decanter - Artifacts

Upcoming Auction of Star Wars Collectibles 2005

Upcoming Auction of Vintage Hot Wheels Cars

Vintage Lucille Ball Doll Sets Record Auction Price

Winston Churchill Painting Sets a Record Auction Price

First Edition Book Sets Record Auciton Price

James Bond's Aston Martin Car Sets Record Auction Price

Rare Pink Diamond Sets Record Auction Price

John Lennon Suit Sold at Auction

Record Auction Price for Marilyn Monroe Illustration

Les Paul Guitar Auction

Recent Auction of Antique Vampire Hunter Kit

Auction of Fashion House Handbags

Recent Auction of Royal Wedding Cake

Recent Auction of Emile Galle Lamp

Upcoming Shows, Auctions & Estate Sales

Antique Shows, Auctions & Estate Sales February 2010

Antique Shows, Auctions & Estate Sales January 2010

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Furniture & Designers

19th Century Antique Furniture

A Brief History of the Antique Buffet & Sideboard

A Brief History of the Antique Highboy

A Brief History of the Antique Tea Caddy

A Brief History of the Curio Cabinet

A Brief History of the Lane Cedar Chest

Antique Drop Leaf Tables

Buying a Curio Cabinet

Colonial Furniture Maker Eliphalet Chapin

Constructing a Windsor Chair

Duncan Phyfe – The Federal Period

Eastlake Style Antique Furniture

Feudal Oak Furniture

Heywood Wakefield Art Deco Furniture

Inlay Furniture

Jamestown Lounge Company

K.E.M. Weber Art Deco Lounge Chairs

Mahogany Wood

Michael Thonet Bentwood Rocking Chairs

Recognizing Chippendale Furniture

Retro Game Tables Are Back in Style

Sheraton Style Furniture

The Georgian Period & Thomas Chippendale

Vintage Bar Cabinets in Vogue

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Whatnot or Étagère?

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Widdicomb Furniture

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The Wingback Chair

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